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We will be camping in circles of 25 to 30 people, each set around a central hearth fire. This fire will be our kitchen throughout the day and our light and heat source at night.


Circles will be living and cooking together, as well as participating in the events and activities that run throughout the week. It is common for circles to talk together after dinner to share their news and celebrate the cooks.


A beautiful wildflower meadow to camp in, marquees to hold events and activities in including; a ballroom with a wooden floor, the Stardust café, quieter areas for wellbeing, meditation and massage, compost loos, hot showers, a sauna and hot tub, firewood, recycling and composting facilities, drinking water, support for those creating their own workshops, public and conservation footpaths to explore the farm.

Curious what to bring with you? Download our new camper guide:


The Core Group will arrange a series of main events for each night of the week for everyone to enjoy and invite some teachers to run workshops. However the spirit of camp is to encourage everyone to make the camp their own by sharing their talents and creating their own workshops and activities.

We enable you to do this by providing marquees to hold events in and an information board to book a timeslot. If there is an activity you want to try your hand at leading, Dance Camp is the place to do it!  Dance campers are welcoming, supportive people many of whom have led events of their own. Past events have included; life drawing, storytelling, instrument lessons, scratch bands, belly dancing, lantern making, puppet crafting and axe making workshops.

Equally important is the entertainment you bring to your circle. Everyone is welcome to jam around the fire whether it's playing an instrument, singing along, or dancing to your own beat.


DCE is many things for many people. It is a place of fun, relaxation, new experiences, personal renewal, soul searching and tranquillity. Our aim is to build a vibrant and inclusive community during our days of camping and living together, combining everyone’s talents and skills to create a unique gathering of up to 250 people, one based around music, dance, creativity and sustainability.

Click below for some delicious campers' recipes
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