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Dance camp east membership

Dear Friends


From it’s inception, Dance Camp East has been about people acting together as a community of friends. Every year, the fun, the love and the energy that happens on the field, originally at Tuttington and now at it’s present location near Halesworth, has been created by you, the Campers.


It’s a little-known fact that the DCE Constitution enshrines the value brought by everyone that attends camp by automatically granting each Camper one year’s membership to the Friends of DCE. Whilst implied, but not specifically identified as part of the ticket price, your membership of DCE underpins Dance Camp’s status as a Unincorporated Association (UA). In common with other community-based organisations, a UA is an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people (the Core Team and Friends of DCE) who come together for a reason other than to make a profit, e.g., similar to a voluntary group or a sports club. A consequence of this status is that DCE is not liable for tax so long as it does not trade (sell things or employ people) or make a profit.


Whilst DCE doesn’t make a profit, it relies on it’s annual membership fee to provide seed money to hire marquees and to purchase other equipment ahead of significant ticket sales. Any additional money remaining after costs are met each year is invested in camp, for example, the compost toilets, Stardust Café tent and Hedgehog Kitchen caravan. The Friends of DCE membership fee is currently £20 for someone paying for a full-price adult ticket. During the year, membership fees pay for the annual open meeting and, during camp, for costs associated with running the camp café and kitchen caravan (tea, coffee, etc) and for equipment grants (up to £50) provided to Campers putting on workshops. Members wishing to more actively participate in supporting Camp by becoming camp helpers, attending pre-camp work parties or by making a donation, please drop us a message via email or Facebook.

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