We are very excited to welcome you to Dance Camp East. DCE is a non-profit community camp run by a core group of volunteers. Every year our aim is to provide the foundation for you to have a fun and vibrant communal camping experience.


The DCE Core Group is made up of campers from previous years. DCE is a holiday we love so much we are determined to help it continue for many years to come. We will organise the amenities, set up the marquees, provide spaces for workshops and plan a programme of events. All we ask of you is to bring your passions and talents to share with the camp. This year’s Core Group members are; Nick, Debbie, Laura, Simon, Ed, Gary, Frances and Victor.


This is an experience that thrives on community participation so each year the events and workshops vary depending on people’s passions and who is available to run them. We wish your DCE experience to be liberating and fulfilling. We hope that you leave the field feeling energised, inspired and ready to take that out into the wider world.


We camp on a beautiful field on a family-run farm in Suffolk. Whilst there is plenty to do on the field itself, there is good walking to be had and lots of exploring to be done if you feel the need to get away for a while.


Campers Experiences

"Dance camp has held some of the fondest memories of my life. I have been going since I was 12, now I'm 22 and it's just as pleasurable an experience as an adult as it is as a kid. The dance workshops are great and there's always music going on. Whether you want to dance or play music there will always be something on, or even if you just want to meet new friends I'd recommend it. The atmosphere is wonderful."

"DCE is a wonderful opportunity to camp in a field with like minded people, have the opportunity to learn new things, whether it be dancing, singing or practical matters... I enjoy being in the sauna area, an added bonus!"

"Camp for me has never been about the workshops or embracing the hippy lifestyle. It's simply the pleasure of sitting around a fire listening to music with beer in hand and meeting interesting people with stories to tell."

"Dance Camp is a space to breathe, a space to connect with people, to stare into the firelight, to listen to stories, to dance and laugh and be yourself for awhile, to share good food, to switch off technology, to slow down, to look at the moon and the stars, to feel the grass under your toes and smell the woodsmoke, to listen to and play beautiful music, to touch each others hearts, be silent, still and calm, all in a green green field.

"Life in the Sauna-in-the-Corner area beats to a slower rhythm than the rest of camp. Set in the smaller bottom meadow beyond the DIY Café, the area epitomises the values of self-expression on which Dance Camp East was originally founded. Here the spirit of the Green Man, resides over the simple pleasures of the green wood, earth, fire, water and nature. Alternating between the womb-like heat of the sauna, refreshing solar shower, exhilarating cold plunge and nourishing warmth of the hot tub, the body, tingling from head to toe, can finally be dried and bathed by the sun’s rays in the convivial atmosphere of the fireside with a cup of hot chai. Achieving these daily miracles requires hard work… The simple evening reveries of the hot tub must be bought with wood splitting and fire stoking during the day. The yin and yang of these activities, however, is a pleasure in itself since the common purpose is hedonistic enjoyment later on bought through the invigorating activities of the ‘green gym’. But as the sun slips slowly westward, these daytime labours are quickly forgotten in the warm embrace of the sauna and the limpid waters of the hot tub."